Dec 23, 2013 Santa saved with AED
Dec 17, 2013 Co-workers save man's life with an AED
Dec 7, 2013 Public AEDs are saving lives
Dec 4, 2013 Safety alert on Philips HeartStart FRx and HeartStart HS1 automated external defibrillators
Nov 20, 2013 Deschutes Co. workers save man's life with CPR, AED
Nov 4, 2013 Daycare workers perform CPR on toddler who stops breathing
Mar 30, 2013  AED helps save Caledonia man's life
Oct 23, 2013 Port St. Lucie Police Officers use Automated External Defibrillator to save heart attack victim
Mar 16, 2013  Teammates Save Hockey Player in Arena
Apr 23, 2013  Cardiac Arrest Save at Costa Mesa Gym
Jan 17, 2013  Lifeline AUTO AED First Look
Mar 23, 2013  Basketball Players Use AED to Save a Life
Jul 29, 2013  Oregon Man Saved by AED on American Airlines Flight
Sep 16, 2013  Scottish Golf Legend Saved with Help of AED
Sep 5, 2013 EDITORIAL: Too few know how easily AED can save lives
Sep 07, 2013  Duty Free Shop Employee Save Traveller in Airport
Aug 7, 2013  6 Year Old Drowning Victim Saved with the Help of an AED
Aug 22, 2013  CPR, AED, Firefighters Save Woman
Jan 31, 2013  Heart attack on the hockey bench
Mar 5, 2013  AED Saves Mans Life! Great Story..
Jun 6, 2013  Cops Save Unconscious Driver in Car
Jul 17, 2013  York Deputy Saves Man with CPR, Defibrillator Unit
Apr 12, 2013  Lake Oswego police officer uses AED to save woman's life
May 26, 2013  AED saves Hamilton man’s life after heart attack
Feb 14, 2013  CPR and the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) save man's life in Toronto
Apr 29, 2013  American Police save mans life using AED
Jan 11, 2013  Ottawa-area man saved by quick thinking, paramedics say










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